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Global GSRM GmbH uses its

own Loadcontrol Center.

Global GSRM GmbH uses its own Loadcontrol Center. This offers advantages for a fast and smooth handling of the airplanes as well as it brings a cost benefit for your airline.

Scheduled flights, Charter Flights and Low Cost Airlines have different needs and prefer an individual handling. We adapt to your requirements and together with our well- trained staff we generate a punctual departure of your airplane.

Global GSRM GmbH Services at a glance

  • Check-In Service and baggage procedures
  • Boarding of the passengers

  • Passenger control/questioning according to TSA standards

  • Embarking passengers aboard the aircraft
  • Meeting passengers on their arrival and guiding them out of the terminal
  • Sale of additional services

  • Charges of excess or special baggage

  • Writing reports/ documents

  • Lounge Service

  • Coordination with located companies (Fraport, Customs, Bundespolizei etc.)

  • Station management and Supervision

Missing any services what you are looking for?

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